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Karaoke Boston

Karaoke Boston, karaoke and DJ for bars, clubs, parties, weddings, receptions and occasions in and around Boston

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Karaoke Boston. Karaoke and DJ for all occasions. With over 85,000 karaoke songs to choose from, Karaoke Boston has Boston singing!

Karaoke Boston is your source for karaoke and/or DJ entertainment in and around Boston
  Whether you are a bar or club owner, or you are hosting a party, reception or other event, Your Karaoke Boston DJ Dan Lowe can provide you with Karaoke and/or DJ entertainment that guests or customers will enjoy and keep the party going!
               DJ services available for those who want music with or without karaoke
                                     Plenty of popular music to keep people dancing all night!
                      $250 for 3 hours
           Each additional hour charged at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour



             Bars or Clubs Call For Special Ongoing Weekly Karaoke/DJ Night Rates         


                                  Reasonable Wedding and Reception Rates:


                                   $100.00 per hour for duration of event only


                        No charge for planning, preparation, travel or set-up time


                Up lighting as well as photo montage available for an additional charge




                                            Short-notice requests welcome

                   For weddings a playlist can be made to accomodate each individual request
                               and/or Rely on my experience and ability to read the crowd.  
                         We will meet to go over wedding, reception schedule, announcements,
                   Music for entrances, Dances, Bouquet and garter toss and everything unique
                                            to your wedding to make it a memorable occasion
  With over 85,000 karaoke songs to choose from, there is something for everyone
There is a huge selection to choose from, but not to worry, the song book is scaled down to make it more manageable. If you don't see the song you would like to sing, just ask and it can be searched and most likely found quickly.
Stage lighting helps to enhance the on-stage experience
An assortment of lights and patterns including LED and laser for the dance floor

LED Up lighting available in a variety of colors
State of the art equipment
QSC12 powered speakers with built-in 1000 watt amplifiers, compact but produce incredible club-quality sound. 

QSC kw181 powered subwoofer with built in 1000 watt amplifier rounds out the sound.

Alto 6 channel mixer with Vocal Pro wireless mic system, 4 wireless mics with 100 foot range each. 

Music and Karaoke music from song loaded hard drive Played with professional DJ and Karaoke programs on Laptop.
Graphics displayed on 17" LCD monitor on stand as well as any in-house TVs.
     Karaoke Boston
          Phone: (617) 315-8276



    Harvard Square
        Free Yogurt Day!
    Phi Beta Kappa
    Harvard University
    At Currier House (reprised)
   Emmanuel College
          Dance Marathon
  Raises over $40,000.00 for
  Boston Children's Hospital!